Why this Blog?

All my previous web pages were created so I have a way to share my thoughts with friends and others I know whom have asked for them.  This was made easy by writing a post on subjects I have been asked about then emailing or posting the link on social media.


After six years in school, I am ready to begin my life in the professional world. To tell a little about myself:

  • A nanotechnology and multidisciplinary technical expert by training
  • A materials and process engineer by doing
  • Born and raised in Orange County
  • Lived in San Diego, Albuquerque, and Washington state
  • Acclaimed photographer
  • Avid traveler throughout the Pacific Coast and Southwestern United States
  • I am linked in with the professional world
  • I have thoughts and opinions about nanotechnology education and if it helps students find engineering jobs
  • I may be contacted here